Advantages and Disadvantages of Linux

Is it advisable to install Linux?

Linux is one of the most popular free operating systems in the world, and although it has many followers in their ranks, the truth is that it can not compete in numbers with users of other payment systems, such as Windows or Mac OS.

Linux, like any tool, it has its advantages and disadvantages, which will be discussed in this note.

Advantages of installing Linux

Linux is free software and therefore free.
As an operating system, it is very efficient (load faster than Windows, for example) and contains many possibilities if we have programming skills. Moreover, we install Linux on our computer does not mean we should ignore the current operating system, Linux still possible to combine with other systems such as Microsoft or Macintosh.

Another advantage of Linux is its linux It is very difficult for a virus or hacker is able to attack a Linux computer, even without any browsing this free antivirus software is much safer than almost any other protection systems.

Disadvantages of using Linux

Among the cons of Linux it is that it is not for beginners as it does not offer as intuitive to use as Microsoft and Macintosh distributions. This is not a problem for advanced or professional computer users, but for most mortals. So, it is quite complicated to install a simple program or perform other simple actions, without which much of today’s software, both pay and free, does not always have a Linux version.

Fans of computer games also tend to get along with the system Penguin: implementation problems, fewer problems realistic graphics and video card are just some of the problems that often make an appearance.

Install? Linux or Windows?

The great dilemma for many users today: Is it worth installing Linux?

Except that we are professionals (programmers, computer, etc. ) and know well what we do, we should not use Linux for work or technical work or requiring varied software. In this case, it is better to opt for Windows or Mac OS, still without being exactly cheap, offer reliability, ease of use and no problem to run any file or program.

On the other hand, in case you want to experience a different, free, powerful and innovative system, Linux can resultarnos interesting. Some users who began using this system as a hobby claim that they have managed to be great programmers thanks to Linux, which as already mentioned, offers many possibilities for writing code, program applications and ultimately learn more deeply how exactly a computer.

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